Tax Preparation

We start thinking about how to minimize your taxes months before your tax appointment. We work with you at tax time to find specific ways to lower your current tax burden. We assist you with reducing next year’s taxes by thinking ahead and providing real ways to take control. We are always thinking about your taxes so you don’t have to.

You work hard to make your money. We work hard to help you keep your money.


Tax Information

We provide newsletters, organizers, and specific communications regarding your taxes months in advance of your tax appointment.

Consultative Approach To Tax Preparation

We work with you during your tax appointment to explore your specific situation and find the best approach to minimize your taxes.

Thinking Ahead

We inform and guide you to start thinking about your taxes for next year during your current year tax appointment.

Benefits of Professional Tax Preparation

ClearPath Advisors - knowledge

We provide information to educate and assist you in reducing your taxes. Informed clients are the best clients.

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Save Money

We ask questions and listen to you during your tax appointment so that we can provide a customized tax solution geared toward keeping your tax as low as possible.


Because we ask questions and know how life changes can affect your taxes, we help you plan ahead for next year’s taxes by putting your unique plan in place.