November 25, 2017

The Biggest Fallacy About Starting a Business


So, here you are in business. What does that mean? You probably know how to make something or do something well enough to fill a need that others are willing to pay for. Is that what a business is? A way to make money? Is that it?

At first making money is what ‘it’ is. Then things begin to change. Changes like getting busier with delivering whatever you do. Or, realizing doing it in the place your doing it is not working anymore. Or, the struggle of not enough predictable demand. Bottom line is change is a reality of life no matter how you spend your time. Ultimately change is the catalyst for the recognition that making or doing stuff for money is not all there is to a business. Not at all.

The biggest fallacy about starting a business is that we are all somehow innately equipped to do it. We are all born with the ability to do something with our talent to make money, then manage and execute a vision, create a brand, develop a culture, manage finances, market the brand, then consistently sell and deliver a compelling customer experience. All at a level that the marketplace will not only notice but actually demand more of. We are all born with all that? Meanwhile creating a life where you and your family can thrive. Really?

The truth is none of us are born with all those abilities. It is rare enough that someone can develop their talent on their own to a level that others want and and are willing to pay for.

So, what does it take? What it takes to build all the disciplines necessary to create a business is the willingness to ask for help and go to work on a lifetime of learning. Life is filled with learning anyway, might as well focus it on something of value. The key is the willingness to ask for help.

On your mark, get set, learn.

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