Tax Preparation

Navigating the Financial Landscape: Accounting and Tax Preparation

Fargo, North Dakota, Moorhead, Minnesota, and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, are thriving communities with a strong economic base and a growing population. As businesses and individuals in these areas navigate the complexities of financial management and tax compliance, the need for professional accounting and tax preparation services has become increasingly important. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing […]

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Handling Notices from the IRS

Notices from the IRS

I just got a letter from the IRS! Receiving any form of communication from the Internal Revenue Service can send chills down your spine. Many people harbor an unfounded fear of the unknown when it relates to the IRS. Don’t Fret! Seeing a letter from this government agency in your mailbox does not mean you […]

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Home Office Deduction. How does it work?

Home office deduction. How does it work?

Having a home office can be a great option for deducting expenses. Before we start deducting though, there are a few qualifications that must be met to ensure you are compliant. Home Office Qualifications When figuring the home office deduction for a business, we have to consider the following: Is it truly an office? Can […]

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Preparing For Your Tax Appointment

preparing for your next tax appointment

The best way to prepare for your upcoming tax appointment is to gather and organize your information. As your trusted advisors for tax preparation, we will guide you and make your tax season simple and smooth. What to Bring to Your Appointment For Personal Items January 31 is the guideline date for businesses to send […]

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What is a 1099, and When do I Need One?

what is a 1099

1099 Your Subcontractors When hiring a subcontractor to do a job for you, you will need to issue them a 1099 for all services over $600. Some people hire a construction contractor, plumber, landscaper, and electricians. All of these professionals should be issued a 1099-Misc for services completed and paid. Each new contractor must fill out […]

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