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5 Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur

5 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

Starting a small business can be an exciting experience. You finally get to be your own boss and potentially reap great financial rewards that you built from the ground up. However, owners are understandably so focused on getting their business running that they may overlook some basic considerations that can have a major impact on […]

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Finding Your “Why?”

ClearPath Advisors - Finding Your Why

At a young age, we constantly question things. Most everyone has experienced or heard the steady spew of “whys” from children as they discover the world and question why things are the way they are. We learn early on that there is a driving force behind every action and it’s important to understand. When it […]

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Asking for Help is a Good Thing

Asking for help is a good thing

Why do we often perceive asking for help or accepting offers of help as a sign of weakness, especially for business leaders? There’s a negative connotation to not being able to “go it alone” although there are countless examples that go against this natural tendency. Anyone who is a sports fan understands that athletes need […]

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5 Steps to Business Coaching

5 steps to business coaching

So, you’ve done it. You’ve decided to start your own business and take on an exciting new adventure of being an entrepreneur. Now what? Seeking out a business coach should be at the top of your list. Yes, you could seek out guidance and advice from personal friends and colleagues, but they will only take […]

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Business: Why doesn’t matter or does it?

your business why doesn't matter or does it

Business is about making money or is it? Business is about image or is it? Business is about selling more or is it? Business is my life or is it? Business is about the product or is it? If your why doesn’t matter then neither does your business. Your business should serve you and your […]

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When do you need a CPA?

When do you need a CPA

The answer is very simple, you need a CPA whenever you need to convince someone else; like a banker, investor group, or the government that your accounting system produces accurate, reliable information in the opinion of an independent expert who is not your regular accountant or accounting department. Did you catch that? You need a […]

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What's Going On?


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