May 29, 2015

Annual Meeting Minutes for Corporations

Annual Meeting Minutes for Corporations

As a shareholder in a corporation you have duties to complete on an annual basis.

One item the IRS requires is that you hold a corporate meeting of the shareholders. This can frighten businesses who have never done one or can make you feel overwhelmed with the addition of day to day functions. It is actually very simple and just takes a few steps as detailed below.



Let’s first start with what you need.

  1. All shareholders
  2. You need to document the notes of the specific activities for the business for the year
    – Our sample shareholder meeting agenda will walk you through step by step
    – Over half of the business owners we serve do not complete this yearly task. It is very simple, just answer the questions.
  3. Actually hold a meeting
    – Board room
    – Meeting in office
    – Meeting over coffee or dinner
  4. Each shareholder needs to sign the notes taken
  5. Submit the notes to ClearPath Advisors and we will add it a corporate form and return it to you to sign for proper documentation.

Download a Sample Agenda

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