March 30, 2015

The Key to Putting Your Plans Into Action

CPA Business Wisdom Put Your Action Plan Into Action

Action plans are critical to the effectiveness of you business.

Action plans are how you put concepts to work, accomplish tasks, and get into good leadership habits.


Mow the lawn

  1. Remove toys from the yard
  2. Put up down spouts
  3. Remove mower from storage
  4. Check mower oil
  5. Check gas
  6. Start mower
  7. Mow yard in parallel tracks
  8. Stop Mower
  9. Clean mower
  10. Place mower into storage
  11. Put down spouts down

Mow the lawn weekly.

action plans

The two major components of an action plan.

The first section details how the task is completed step-by-step.

The second section tells us how often the task is to be accomplished,

This concept can be applied to most any task in your business especially new tools to manage and lead your business like the processes you are learning through coaching.  As a matter of fact a coaching process is not considered fully delivered until you can demonstrate that you have an action plan in place to implement the process and can affirmatively show that you have put the process to work.


So now is the time to start putting your action plans into action!

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