August 31, 2015

Make Money Is Not A Mission Statement

make money is not a mission statement

You’ve been in business several years now and you’re somewhat successful.

Sales keep rising, profits keep rising, and you are thinking about adding on additional services. Why? Too make more money!

Is that really the way to go? What is your mission, what is your focus? Too make money?

What is really important is to create a mission statement that is deliberate, intentional, and focused on your core talents, values, and especially what you are passionate about.  We all have limited time and limited energy and we must be careful about how we use those precious resources.

make money is not your mission statement

You need to set boundaries for your business based on your mission.

Asking your business to stretch outside of those boundaries is a recipe for disaster. Just like, not every person that you come into contact with that has a pulse and a bank account is a client, not every opportunity fits who you and your business are.

Stay focused on what you do best and your business will thrive and serve your life.

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