March 18, 2015

Let Your Game Plan Govern The Game

CPA Business Wisdom Game Plan Govern The Game

Are you making plays or just keeping score?

Fear can show up in many ways and when it does we need to call it out and send it packing.

I’m a big football fan and one thing I know about the game is, although they are related, making plays and keeping score are two very different dynamics of the game. You don’t see coaches and quarterbacks analyzing the scoreboard between each play and calling the next play just based on who is ahead and who is behind. Teams spend countless hours in advance of each game analyzing the next opponent and making the right game plan.

A predefined game plan along with the play on the field governs the plays called throughout the game. The same is true for the well run business.

Fear: 0  Our Team: 7

Looking at sales figures doesn’t do much more than tell the business owner whether or not his business strategy and the daily carrying out of operating tactics are effective. Showing your team last week’s sales figures and then expecting them to come up with a better way to convert client meetings into sales of additional products or services is not the way it works.

Consistently meeting clients where they are in distinctively effective ways is still what moves the ball up the field and across goal line. Fear only serves us well in threatening situations when the primeval instinct for flight or fight comes in handy – in business not so much.

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