December 4, 2017

Part 3 – The Biggest Fallacy About Starting a Business


It is amazing how our relationship with money can get in the way of growth and the actualization of our dreams. For so many people money, especially not enough of it, is the biggest obstacle to doing what is necessary to break the cycle of mediocrity that is holding them back from becoming who they are.

1. “We’ve got it all figured out”
2. “It will cost to much”
3. “Don’t call us we’ll call you”

More specifically though, it is not money itself that is the obstacle, it is the poor management of money that is at the root of the problem. The best antidote to fear is a plan and the most powerful thing you can do is make a decision. Success with money is really about intentionally deciding to take control of every dollar you come into contact with. This money plan is of course commonly known as a budget.

When you get ahead of the process and assign every dollar you receive a task before you even receive it, you have taken control of the money. In addition, planning your money gives you the power to forecast how much money is needed in order to accomplish a task like developing some facet of your business.

There really is no reason to be caught by surprise by the fact that making a change to your business will cost money. Having a money plan in place puts you in control and gives you the ability to shop for the right solution at the right price. Stop the dizzying cycle of doing the same thing over and over again just to keep getting the same disappointing result. Be intentional, make a decision and take control of your money. Then take control of your business!

Stay tuned for more in Part 4.

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