February 20, 2017

5 Steps to Business Coaching

5 steps to business coaching
So, you’ve done it. You’ve decided to start your own business and take on an exciting new adventure of being an entrepreneur. Now what?

Seeking out a business coach should be at the top of your list. Yes, you could seek out guidance and advice from personal friends and colleagues, but they will only take you so far.

A business coach is somebody who helps you move from where you are to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on your goals. They give you 100 percent of their attention and provide you with honest feedback to help you think strategically about your long-term goals.
Okay, now you’ve decided you need a coach. What should you expect? Here are five steps that you’ll go through during your business coaching experience at Clearpath Advisors.

1: Meet Your Coach
During this session, you and your coach will look together at your business through the lens of our perspective. You’ll see obstacles with new clarity and understand the steps you need to take to produce immediate results and long-term change.

2: Complete a Comprehensive Assessment
In your first session, you’ll have an honest and thorough conversation about your current business condition. From leadership and management to marketing and sales, you’ll walk through each facet of what makes your business tick. Your coach will help you prioritize next steps and give the tools you need to dive deep to discover solutions to your most pressing frustrations.

3: Set Goals
Once you’ve addressed your most immediate needs, your coach will provide you with the tools you need to plan out your three-year vision and establish long-term goals. This is where the vision really comes to life and you’ll have a plan in place that makes sense to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

4: Be Held Accountable
Your frequent interactions with your coach will keep you focused on your goals. Your coach will ask the right questions to help you apply what you’ve learned and track your progress.

5: Create Balance
During this process, you’ll discover how to work in your business without it running you. Your business should be a balance between people and systems. Our approach focuses on building your business that seamlessly ties all the moving pieces together so your business can grow without it consuming your life.

Bonus Step: Get results!
Getting started with a business coach may seem like a task you can put off for some time, but why suffer through headaches and hassle when you can start your business on the right track from the start?

You’ll gain confidence and satisfaction in establishing a solid business roadmap and grow a business that works for you rather than running your life.

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