Tax Planning

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights

the taxpayer bill for rights

Did you know there is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights? These rights were adopted by the Internal Revenue Service in 2014 and have been shared extensively on a continuing basis with IRS employees since them. The best part is that whether you are paying taxes for income earned in Fargo, […]

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Your Guide to Tracking Miles

Tracking Your Mileage

If you use a personal vehicle for work purposes, you may be able to deduct some of the expenses on your tax return. There are two general methods of deducting your vehicle expenses. Standard Mileage rate Actual expenses and Depreciation You may not use the standard mileage rate for a […]

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How To Organize Receipts…and Your Life.

How to organize receipts...and your life

Track, Save and Organize Receipts Saving receipts and tracking expenses is critical for all of us to give peace of mind and the ability to quickly reference purchases and budgets. This is especially important for those with a small business. You can maximize your tax savings by properly keeping track […]

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Mastering the practice of retaining records.

Your System for Proper Record Storage When contemplating storing files, some common questions we receive are: How long do I have to keep this stuff? What do I keep? How far back can “they” go? Storing records, having a proper system for storing tax and financial records can feel like […]

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