Mastering the practice of retaining records.

Your System for Proper Record Storage When contemplating storing files, some common questions we receive are: How long do I have to keep this stuff? What do I keep? How far back can “they” go? Storing records, having a proper system for storing tax and financial records can feel like […]

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The Key to Putting Your Plans Into Action

CPA Business Wisdom Put Your Action Plan Into Action

Action plans are critical to the effectiveness of you business. Action plans are how you put concepts to work, accomplish tasks, and get into good leadership habits. Example: Mow the lawn Remove toys from the yard Put up down spouts Remove mower from storage Check mower oil Check gas Start […]

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Investing in the right people

CPA Business Wisdom Invest Your Energy Right People

Master Packard’s Law in Your Business In his best-selling book, How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins tells the story of how Bill Hewlett and David Packard started their business with the core driving principle of finding the right people to join their company. Their focus on having the right people […]

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