Accounting is more than a way to organize data into categories so that a tax return can be prepared. The power of accounting does not come from the data itself – it comes from the information the data provides. Once the data is organized, structured and presented, it provides a useful tool that can be used to actually improve the performance of your business. We’ll show you how!

Accounting for its own sake is just keeping score. 

Use accounting to change the score.


Bookkeeping 101

Like we’ve said before, “informed clients are the best clients.” We will teach you how to put your numbers to work through the use of various financial tools, like ratios and benchmarking.

Accounting Services

We provide a full service, from entering receipts, writing checks, making deposits, and reconciling bank statements, to preparing financial statements, such as income statements and balance sheets. We can also provide periodic surveys of books prepared by clients to ensure they meet basic accounting standards.

Quickbooks Training

While QuickBooks is designed to be user friendly, the scope of the program and its many features make it both powerful and complex. It is the complexity of the program that requires more than a layman’s understanding and this is why we provide training and ongoing support.

Benefits of Accounting

ClearPath Advisors - knowledge

We show you how to put your numbers to work.

ClearPath Advisors - bank
Save Money

Find ways to reduce waste and increase performance.

Save Money

Get rid of the guess work. Put systems in place to make sure your accounting is done effectively and efficiently.