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Welcome to ClearPath Advisors your business coaching, tax and accounting advisors in Detroit Lakes, MN and Fargo, ND.

Our passion, what drives us, is to provide you with a sense of clarity, direction and hope. We continually strive to deliver on our promise to teach, advise and serve with excellence in business, in money, and in life. We are here to help you live the life of your dreams.

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When you hire us, you are hiring a whole team of experts, not just a single practitioner. Our team provides outstanding service to our clients because of our attention to three underlying principles:
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We continually strive to serve you in the best way possible. We have aligned our practices with two of the best companies in serving and teaching by providing Certified E-Myth Business Coaching and Accounting services endorsed by Dave Ramsey.

Business Wisdom


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Benefits of Owning an S-Corp: Taking Distributions also known as a draw

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Home Office Deduction. How does it work?

Having a home office can be a great option for deducting expenses. Before we start deducting though, there are a few qualifications that must be met to ensure you are compliant. Read More

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